Richard Parham

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Mr. Parham is a principal of Calhoun, Collister & Parham with offices in Tampa, Jacksonville and West Palm Beach.  He has nearly 20 years of experience working in the eminent domain field and has completed thousands of appraisals for potential eminent domain litigation.  He is a qualified expert witness and is qualified to testify in state and federal courts.  Mr. Parham has spoken at the CLE Eminent Domain Conference regarding apportionment of settlements and awards, he was a guest lecturer at the University of Florida Law School regarding real estate appraisal theory relating to eminent domain, and has spoken for the Appraisal Institute to various professionals regarding the Appraisal Institute Associate program.  He has written numerous market studies which examine the impact on value of various condemnation related damages.  Mr. Parham is a Florida State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser.  He is a member of the Association of Eminent Domain Professionals and an associate member of the Appraisal Institute.  He earned his B.A. degree from American University of Washington, D.C. where he served as an intern for former U.S. Senator Connie Mack.

Academic Background:

Buchholz High School, Gainesville Florida

Bachelor of Arts Degree, The American University, Washington D.C.


State-Certified General Real Estate Appraiser RZ2256, State of Florida

Professional Organizations:

Member of Association of Eminent Domain Professionals, (AEDP)

Associate Member of the Appraisal Institute

Coursework and Seminars:

The following courses have been completed under the direction of the Appraisal Institute:

Appraisal Principles, Course 110
Appraisal Procedures, Course 120
Standards of Professional Practice (Part A & B), Course SPP
Basic Income Capitalization, Course 310
Standards of Professional Practice (Part C), Course 430
Advanced Income Capitalization, Course 510
Highest and Best Use and Market Analysis Course 520
Advanced Sales Comparison and Cost Approaches, Course 530
Report Writing and Valuation Analysis, Course 540
Advanced Applications, Course 550
Land Valuation Assignments
National USPAP Update
Florida Law Update for Real Estate Appraisers

Other Coursework:

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, Bert Rogers Schools
Florida Real Estate Appraisal License Law and Appraisal Board Regulations, Bert Rogers Schools
Easement Valuation, Course 403 Easement Valuation, International Right of Way Association
Environmental Site Assessment, National Association of Master Appraisers
Real Estate Principles, Santa Fe Community College
Florida Condemnation Valuation & Appraiser Liability
Tree Trunk Formulas

Appraisal Experience:

Richard H. Parham has been personally involved in the appraisal of one or more properties of the following types:

ALF Properties
Mini Warehouse
Anchored Shopping Center
Mobile Home Park
Night Club
Auto Service
Office Building
Automotive Sales
Phosphate Mine
Bank/Financial Institution
Reclaimed (Mining) Land
Residential Subdivision
Car Wash
Retail Building
Citrus Grove
Retail Strip Center
Single Family Residence
Daycare Center
Special Purpose Properties
Storm Water Retention Area
Health & Fitness Center
Utility Corridor
Utility System
Industrialand Manufacturing
Vacant Land
Appraisals have been conducted for commercial banks, corporations, attorneys, condemning authorities, property owners, environmental agencies, and others.  The geographic scope of appraisal assignments completed include numerous counties throughout the State of Florida.

Eminent Domain Projects:

Richard H. Parham has personally been involved in the appraisal of one or more properties on the following projects:

Beach Erosion (Brevard County)
Utility Easements (Charlotte County)
U.S. 17/Duncan Road (Charlotte County)
State Road 44 (Citrus County)
Marco Island Water Reservoir (Collier County)
Florida Gas Transmission Pipeline (Hardee County)
Gulfstream Pipeline (Hardee County)
State Road 50 (Hernando County)
Cortez Boulevard (Hernando County)
Suncoast Parkway (Hernando County)
State Road 45 (U.S. 41) (Hernando County)
Gulfstream Pipeline (Highlands County)
Central Florida Pipeline (Hillsborough County)
78th Street (Hillsborough County)
Interstate 4 (Hillsborough County)
U. S. 41 (Hillsborough County)
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (Hillsborough County)
22nd Street  (Hillsborough County)
Bullard Parkway (Hillsborough County)
Bloomingdale Road (Hillsborough County)
Linebaugh Avenue (Hillsborough County)
Hanley Road (Hillsborough County)
Hoover Blvd. (Hillsborough County)
Interstate 275 (Hillsborough County)
Florida Gas Transmission Pipeline (Hillsborough County)
Mid-Point Bridge (Lee County)
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd (Lee County)
State Road 78 (Lee County)
Gulfstream Pipeline (Manatee County)
School Board Site (Manatee County)
30th Avenue (Manatee County)
53rd Avenue (Manatee County)
State Road 35 (Marion County)
County Road 484 (Marion County)
Western Beltway (Orange County)
Orange Avenue (Orange County)
State Road 436 (Pinellas County)
Drew Street (Pinellas County)
Airport (Pinellas County)
Central Florida Pipeline (Polk County)
Florida Gas Transmission Pipeline (Polk County)
Gulfstream Pipeline (Polk County)
State Road 60 (Polk County)
Drane Field Road (Polk County)
Lake Howard Drive (Polk County)
Polk County Parkway (Polk County)
State Road 540 (Polk County)
State Road 655 (Polk County)
Pinebrook Road Extension (Sarasota County)
Fruitville Road/I-75 (Sarasota County)
Port St. Lucie Utility System (St. Lucie County)
State Road 44 (Sumter County)
State Road 45 (U.S. 41) (Sumter County)